Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pinterest fails

I have a love/hate relationship with pinterest.  It inspires me.  Then it depresses me.  I have had far more fails than successes but still I pin and still I try.  Lets have an example. 
Little Red Hen's aluminum foil silver leaf 
My aluminum foil silver leaf
No comparision.  Her's is wonderful, inspiring, finished!  Mine is peeling, mismatched, aluminum foil stuck on a dresser looking.  No bueno.
Or how about the myth that a sponge with half blue dawn and half vinegar will clean soap scum.  Yeah right.  I just moved into a brand new house aka no soap scum.  I used that brush everyday and something happened all right.  A whole lot of soap scum.

Or baking soda will clean scorch marks off your smooth top.  Sometimes it will but no more than anything else and it is pure ellow grease that gets it off.

Borax mixed with sugar/syrup/etc does not kill ants.

To close, I am not the only one.  Please share your pinterest fails in the comments section. 

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  1. Haha, don't worry I have had my fair share of Pinterest fails as well. However, mine are always with cooking, I rarely am brave enough to try half of the craft things I pin, but I continue to pin them just in case :)